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Includes a section for PET imaging done at the University of Iowa
American College of Nuclear Physicians
American College of Radiology. We were recently ACR accredited at our Westwood facility!
American Society of Nuclear Cardiology
Try out Creighton University's Radiology internet search engine
Discover - SNM's webiste for patient education about Nuclear Medicine.
Diagnostic Technology Consultants Inc. A physics consultant group based in Kansas City.
From the Institute of Radiology at Washington University in St. Louis.Also see the Mallinckrodt(Netherlands) site.
The Missouri Valley Chapter Website
The Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board is one of the certifying bodies for Nuclear Medicine Technologists is an interactive online resource for nuclear technologists, nurses and other healthcare professionals interested in pharmacologic stress imaging
This is a site devoted to answering questions about radiation exposure
Contains information about membership and other SNM issues
USC PET Imaging Science Center
Radiology Department Homepage at the University of Texas Health SciencesCenter in San Antonio.
UCLA's Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology - Includes a section on PET imaging
Contains a section of teaching files and other learning materials for radiology and nuclear medicine.
This website gives a lot of useful information about Zevalin for both healthcare professionals and patients.