PET/CT is now at the University of Kansas Hospital!

We were approved to install a PET/CT scanner in October 2003 and we signed a contract with GE Medical Systems to install their Discovery ST 16-slice PET/CT scanner. The old PET scanner was removed May 10, 2004, after having scanned over 3600 patients since July 1999. During the room renovations, we used a mobile PET/CT scanner from Shared Medical Services, Inc. ,which has the GE Discovery ST PET/CT scanner on board. It was located just North of the Sudler building, which is just West of the ED driveway. To see pictures of the installation of the mobile PET/CT scanner which occurred on May 9, 2004, click here to jump to the PET construction images page. The room renovation was completed June 11th, installation was June 14th-25th, applications for the new permanent PET/CT scanner was June 28th-30th and the mobile PET/CT scanner was removed July 2, 2004. To see room renovation and installation pictures, click here to jump to the PET construction images page.

If you are a patient and would like to have a PET scan, please contact your doctor to see if a PET scan is appropriate for you. If you are a clinician and you would like more information on how to get a PET scan for your patient at KU, please click on the PET General Information button.
Click on the Medical Necessity button to obtain the Medical Necessity Faxing Form.
Click on the PET Facts button for facts about PET.
Click on the PET Case Study button to view specific PET case studies, compliments of Siemens.
Click on the Dementia Form button to download a checklist created by Dr. Silverman at USC. This will determine whether or not the Medicare patient with dementia meets medical necessity or not.
Click on the PET Description button to get a description of a PET scan for the patient.
Click on the PET Instructions button to get instructions for the patient having a PET scan.
(These are .pdf files so be sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view and print them).

To view Clinical PET Teaching Files, click here to jump to the Clinical Teaching Files page.

If you are here looking for information about what needs to be done to establish PET imaging at your Hospital or Clinic, click on the article that I wrote regarding implementaion of PET at KU. This article was originally published in Radiology Management (Jan/Feb 2000, vol. 22, no.1) The Journal of the American Healthcare Radiology Administrators. Copyright 2000 AHRA. Reprinted with permission.

Click on the construction worker to see pictures of the construction. The pictures were taken by Tina Crain, James Traylor, Bob Wright and Chris McMillin.

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