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3D Panorama AcuTect Scan Bone SPECT
Bone Scan (Super Scan) Bone Scan w/ Mets Bone Scan w/ Calciphylaxis
Cavernous Hemangioma CEA Scan Cystic Fibrosis VQ
DaTscan Brain SPECT Gallium (Nephritis) Gated SPECT MPI
GBEF GI Bleed Scan Hepato with Fistula to Lung
Hepato Bile Leak Hepatic Artery Perfusion MIBG Adrenal Scan
Meckel's Scan Oncoscint Scan Octreotide Scan
Octreotide for SIADH Octreotide Scan for Insulinoma Octreotide Scan for Pinealoma
Octreotide SPECT/CT Parathyroid Scan Perfusion Lung SPECT
Prostascint Scan Radionuclide Ventriculogram Renal Scan
Right to Left Shunt Scintimammography Sentinel Node Imaging
Spleen Specific SPECT Scan Thallium Brain SPECT Wada Brain Scan
VQ Scan w/ Quant & SPECT/CT WBC SPECT/CT Zevalin Scan and Rx
90Y-SirSpheres Bremsstrahlung SPECT/CT

Click on the PET Clinical Teaching Case of Interest

PET Brain Amyvid PET Brain Astrocytoma PET Brain Dementia
PET Brain Glioma PET Brain Scan Ictal PET Ampulla of Vater CA
PET Brain Tumor vs. Radiation Necrosis PET Breast Cancer PET Bronchial Carcinoid
PET Bone Scan F-18 PET Cholangiocarcinoma PET Chondrosarcoma Scan
PET Colorectal Cancer PET Esophageal Cancer PET Head & Neck Cancer
PET Lymphoma Situs Inversus PET Lymphoma PET Lung Cancer
PET MFH Cytoma Liver PET Myocardial Viability FDG PET Myocardial Gated FDG
PET Myocardial Perfusion S/R NH3 PET Melanoma PET Multiple Myeloma
PET Normal Whole Body Scan PET Ovarian Cancer PET Solitary Pulmonary Nodule
PET Thyroid CA Papillary PET Thyroid CA Medullary

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